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Guinea, Africa.

Partner of Shoresh Center Jerusalem, Israel.

Discovering your roots back to the Holy Land.


“It is not a problem to be lost but it

is a problem to never return”
- The Wisdom of the Malinke

As a decedent of the Emperor of Mali there is a lot of evidence to suggest that the Malinke of Guinea along with many other tribes trace their origins to the ancient Hebrew people.


Many events festivals, culture, habits and even words, proverbs and metaphors found in the languages of the region give evidence of the this long connection and confirm that the people are decedent from the Hebrews. Shoresh Center Africa is calling the people back to their roots. From what is now modern day Mali, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leon, Liberia, Senegal, Gambia, Guinea -Bissau, Ghana, Nigeria, Niger, Mauritania, Burkina-Faso Togo and Benin, the Mandingo, Bambara, Dioula, Dan and Yoruba people to name a few have Hebraic roots. Human being without knowing their roots are lost. In fact many of the Ancient

African kingdoms were Hebraic in origin Shoresh Africa’s Vision is to find the Africans who have Hebraic decent and to call them back to their roots. This is a central role for all Jews. Its time for the African decedents of the Hebrews to find out about their Origins. While many of these tribes were forced to convert to other religions many have maintained Jewish traditions, many maintain Hebraic customs and dress without fully understanding where it all came from. They follow because their ancestors followed. Shoresh Center Africa objective is to find these people and reconnect them. Moreover there is a need for Tikkun Olam, so much needs to be repaired in Africa and this begins by showing the people the way-back to their origins.

Shoresh Center Africa will begin in Guinea with a view to expand at a later stage


"I don't know where I am going

but I know where I come from"

- Malinke proverb

Center of Education
The Shoresh Center Africa is focused on Tikkun Olam, “repairing the world” and a good starting point is to find the lost people and help them return to their origins. We do this for adults by following the Shoresh Center programs in Israel as well as specially designed educational programs for the children. The future is the children for as the Shema says “teach the children”.

Shoresh Center Africa will be a center of Jewish education, focusing on, Torah studies, bible studies Hebrew and English language studies.

Noahide Education Center
Africa and African where strong and prosperous people in the antiquity period. Since then Africans of Hebrew decent where forced to abandon their identity, their cultures, the customs of their ancestors. Most of us are lost. Shoresh Center Africa’s mission is to build a bridge to bring all of us to our roots, The famous writer Alex Haley wrote a book about his ancestor, a black American slave from my tribe called Kunta Kante. He called his book “Roots”.

Kunta Kanta was from my tribe , the Mandingo or Malinke, Its very important for us to know who we are and to never forget where we came from. Its time for the decedents of the ancient Hebrews to return to our roots. Your roots is what G-d gives to you, the shoes you buy from the market but the way to walk is from G-d.

The Need for research and preservation
There is a need for research into the African tribes of Jewish decent. Africans of Jewish decent are dispersed from the East to the West along the Nile river and along the Niger River which has its source in Guinea. Benjamin de Tudela in the antiquity period wrote that there were caravans that crossed Africa from the East to the West , Jewish traders traversed Africa to cities in Africa. Shoresh Center Africa hope to encourage scholarly research into these tribes and places. In additions Jews have had a long connection with various places in Africa and where they have been there is a need to preserve the culture and history.

Restaurant and Kosher Food
Shoresh Center Africa will establish Kosher restaurants following the model established in Jerusalem. We intend to make this a meeting place for visiting Jews from around the world.

In addition we will offer Kosher cooking courses which will be taught by a Jewish Cook/Chef.


Shoresh Center Africa will be a place to indulge in Kosher foods, wine, bakery and drinks as well as products imported directly from Israel. In the future we would like to establish our own Kosher farm and acquire land to Shoresh Center Africa - Guinea. The restaurant will go parallel to teach Kosher cooking and bakery.

Grains and Food:
West Africa is the origin of many super-foods which are ancient and not genetically modified. Grains like Fonio, a gluten free a super food. Sorgho, mille. Other products include Shea butter a natural anti-aging cream grown only in a few countries in west Africa. The Hibiscus plant green and purple called "Oseill de Guinea", known for it therapeutic cholesterol lowering qualities and for balancing blood pressure, a unique kind of pineapple called “pineapple baroness”, avocado , sesame, yame, tarro, cocoa and coffee (Arabica and Robusta). Cashew nuts and Habenero Chili from Guinea (piment de mamou). Guinean pepper short and long, cola nuts and many other exotic foods will be certified kosher and made available to Jews around the world through Fair Trade, and directly from the source.


Interfaith is a large part of Tikkun Olam and West Africa is multi-faith. Even though Guinea is in majority Muslim, Catholic, Protestant. The government has a secular policy inherited from the French colonial system, which supports the secularism of all citizens to follow their religion.

The Seven Noahide Laws unify all the faiths. We expect that there will be a keen interest and demand for in course and other events our center. This will be augmented with special events such as regular Sabbath meals and a week long festival focusing on Jewish culture focusing on history, culture, faith education and tourism, health, sport, art, literature and music. 




Promoting Israel and Relations between Israel and Africa

The Guinean government after forty six years recognized and established diplomatic relations
with Israel recently. I am encouraged by the government of Guinea to facilitate ongoing
exchange of culture, trade and education between Israel and Guinea. By knowing their roots,
Africans of Hebrew decent and Africans generally will foster a positive image of Israel and of the
Jewish people. The Shoresh Center Africa will be a center to encourage Jews from Israel and around the world to learn about Africa and its amazing culture including the long translucent Jewish Heritage which is there. Shoresh Center Africa will act as an agent to facilitate students to study at Universities and colleges in Israel and to promote a positive image of the education system in Israel.













Tours, Pilgrimage and Learning in Israel

Shoresh Center Africa will be an agent to facilitate African of Jewish decent and the Noahide  who wish to join a tour or a course in Israel . This would be of particular interest to interfaith communities such as the Christian Communities in Africa. The Center will organize the learning of Hebrew in Africa. The rising middle class of Africa are interested in visiting Israel and there there are also opportunities for medical tourism to Israel.

Bringing Business and Investment
Shoresh Center Africa will be a center for business and investment for Jewish business people around the world and from Israel who are looking to invest in Africa including importing and exporting products and services.


It is difficult for business people to traverse the many challenges of doing business in Africa and Shoresh Center Africa will act as a business facilitator. There are many opportunities for investment in many sectors of the economy including construction, mining, property, banking development, agriculture, technology, medical, pharmaceuticals, health, tourism, industry, traditional African medicines and education, to name a few.


Shoresh Center Africa will facilitate the meeting between interested businessmen and the relevant African government officials of that particular country,



For more information and details please contact us.


Representative: Kaissa Kallas Traore

Shoresh Center Africa


Map shows the Kingdom of Judah

Emanuel Bowen (*1693 - †1767)

Antique map of Western Africa.

Printed in London by E. Bowen in 1747



Ancient map showing Guinea​

Willem Janszoon Blaeu (*1571 - †1638)

Coloured sea chart of West Africa.

Printed in Amsterdam by Willem & Joan Blaeu in 1642


Catholic Orphanage in Guinea.jpg



in Guinea


Habenero Chili

from Guinea


Some Malinke men in their village, Guinea

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The Tribe of Dan in Ivory Coast

Language: French - Source:

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