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Frequently asked questions

  • What does Shoresh mean?
    Shoresh is a transliteration of the Hebrew word, שֶׁ רֶ ׁש It is a masculine noun, meaning “root”. It is the same reference to the roots of a tree or plant.
  • What is a Noahide Community?
    In reality we are all part of the Noahide Community. On our website Noah was given the 7 commandments after surviving the flood. We are ALL the descendants of one of the sons of Noah- Shem, Ham or Japheth. We are ALL from the same “root”. We are one big family. In a family, it does not matter whether we agree or disagree with our brothers and sisters. Today, we are still ONE family though we have been estranged after thousands of years. We can choose to remain with the Noahide community by taking on the 7 commandments or we can choose not to remain in the Noahide community by disavowing the 7 commandments.
  • What is the objective of Shoresh?
    Refer to : We at Shoresh, are dedicated to nourishing lives through the spreading of the universal values of Judaism and the Noahides principles throughout the world. We are living in the era of the Coming of the Moshiach. We are responsible for reaching out to our other brothers and sisters to help them to understand their need to change to make the world a better place.
  • Where is Shoresh Center located?
    Jerusalem, the City Center and here online..
  • How do I access the forums?
    Once you are a verified member, you will gain access to the forums. If you already are a member and cannot access the page. Please contact us. You will find a link to the forum under the Academy menu on top of the page. Or you can use this link:
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  • How do I book or join a class?
    If you want to attend a class or a course. Select the Academy menu on top of the page and you will find a link saying "Book Classes & Course". Once you are on that page, select the class or course you want to participate in and follow the instructions until you get a confirmation message on the website that you are booked to the class/course you selected.
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