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Mrs Kaissa Kallas Traore

Partner Guinea, Africa

A Guinean painter, writer, story teller
and entrepreneur who is also the CEO
of Royal Sovereign, a Guinean company
which promotes and facilitates
investment in West Africa.

Mrs Kaissa is the daughter of one of the fathers of the Independence of Guinea, Tamba Kallas Traore, who was a Deputy of the French Territorial Assembly of Guinea in 1957, Minister and co-founder of the party that lead Guinea to Independence in 1958. Kaissa’s mother, Marenfing Keita is a direct decedent of Soundjeta Keita, the builder of the 
Empire of Mali, which Kaissa believe sits on a foundation of Jewish roots.

Kaissa speaks seven languages and has lived outside of her country in Asia and Europe for the last 32 years in countries such as Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, Malta and presently Brunei. Kaissa is a mother of three children and she currently lives with her Jewish husband in Brunei.

Kaissa is a Mandingo Princess and has had a enduring interest in the Jewish faith and feels strongly connected to the Jewish people. It is Kaissa’s objective to facilitate Jewish education and culture in West Africa and to bridge African culture to Israel.

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