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Rabbi Asher Fettmann

Founder / Rabbi

Rabbi Asher Fettmann a valuable member of IRO, Inter- Religious Organization of Singapore was also the presiding Rabbi of  Chesed El Synagogue in Singapore. He served as a Director of Cabinet for the Deputy Mayor of Isle of Reunion in 2003 and speaks eight languages.

Judaism had good basis in the Torah and in modern philosophy
to encourage shared learning with our fellow Jews and non-Jews alike. While it may not be our responsibility to educate those who have closed minds, finding a willing ear can help. Ignorance does not always have to be so, and when we have the chance to share knowledge by listening and learning trough acts of positive engagements, we might just stop or reverse willful ignorance. By listening to the concerns of others and starting to build some understanding among ourselves, we can face the future together and build a stronger World.

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