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Keeping you safe

Shoresh Center Safety Key.


The safe way to open doors without touching, to operate touch monitors, to use buttons, bottler opener etc.


Protect your friends and family

The Safety Key is the safe and easy way to avoid germs. The pen tip works on all touch screens and the ergonomic design makes it easy to open doors, press buttons and pull levers.

The Safety Key consists of an Bronze colored zamak alloy.
With The Safety Key as your keychain, you can reduce your contact area with contaminated surfaces and avoid unnecessary contact with germs.


Highlights & Details

  • Impact and Corrosion Resistance. 

  • Ergonomic design

  • Non-contact opening of doors, operating key monitors, bottle opener, using keys and much more.

  • Metal Key chain Bronze colored (zamak alloy)

  • Size (l/h/w) 11x2.8x0.45 cm

  • Weight: ~35 grams

  • Laser engraved:

See some of its uses:

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