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Testimonials from our students

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Bible Studies with Rabbi Asher Fettmann

I knew Rabbi Fettmann at my first arrival in Singapore in May 2019 when I went on kabbalat shabbat to pray with my wife in the stunning Chesed El synagogue. Even though we went without any notice, Rabbi Fettmann literally opened the door to us, and as we were new faces, he did make sure to give us extra care in order for us to feel included. Our first impression was that beyond the rabbis wisdom, there was a real mensch. Rabbi Fettmann has a high sense of humor, and a curiosity about people. He makes his interlocutor feel very comfortable.

On our first Shabbat in his synagogue, we also had the chance to taste the delights cooked by his spouse for the congregation. Today, we get individual courses with the rabbi that we were able to secure despite his busy schedule, and we also participate in his weekly Kabbalah lessons on Sunday. Rabbi's Fettmann's approach is always close to the real issues of today's world and go beyond the Jewish context to a broader universality.


We appreciate that he prepares every week his courses for the audience and that he takes all kinds of questions and comments with an open heart and mind. I believe that the best impact of these courses is the presentation of Orthodox Judaism, more than other rabbis we might know, as a Judaism that brings the man closer to G-d with love and compassion. I believe that is the touch of Kabbalah that is usually present in Rabbi Fettmann's teachings.


Today, we are continuing these lectures and beyond that, Rabbi Fettmann is accompanying us in our life events as the official Rabbi of the family.


We highly recommend his lessons to any individual or family, whether Jewish or not, because of the right mixture of knowledge, critical thinking, and personal aspect they bring, and the spiritual benefits that come with.

- Ram

Rabbi Asher Fettmann is the person in charge of Chesed-El Synagogue Singapore. I met Rabbi Fettmann at the Singapore Noahide group's meeting in 2017 as I want to know more about Noahidism. My impression of him on my first encounter is that Rabbi Fettmann is a friendly, humble and helpful Jew. He has helped me in my journey by explaining the Torah and so on. Also Rabbi Fettmann has supported me in secular ways.

With Rabbi Fettmann's assistance I have grown spiritually and mentally. The key point that I gained from his lectures is besides being aware that there is an Awesome, Great and Mighty Creator of all things, there is No other god and that G-d is One.

- Jonathan

Rabbi Asher one word is APPROACHABLE It was around November or December 2018 that I met Rabbi Asher Fettmann in his office at Chesed El Synagogue in Singapore. I was curious to find out who is this Rabbi that has taken time to answer my numerous questions.


He is indeed warm, welcoming, friendly and a very open person. In the short period of time he shows me how to read the Torah with care, just a simple difference between “a” and “the” and it changes the meaning of a sentence. That touches my very soul. The main point is that we are created in the image of G-d and we are all one, so stay within the middle line and avoid the extreme...the golden mean.

- Chris

Rabbi Asher Fettmann is the Rabbi in charge of Chesed El Synagogue in Oxley Rise Singapore. After 7 years of attending Torah lessons under the Yeshiva Boys attached to the Mahgain Abot Synagogue in Waterloo Street, I was introduced by Malvin Ooi, in 2017, to Rabbi Fettmann who was willing to give us extra lessons.


He was very friendly and understanding towards us Noahides. His parasha lessons are in depth and practical. He is also a very caring counselor. Yes, I also have grown spiritually and mentally very much. He solicits our feedback to better make his lessons relevant to our needs.

- Aaron

I first learnt about Rabbi Asher Fettmann through a friend in 2018. I had begun my Jewish journey almost two decades earlier culminating in a conversion to Reform Judaism in New York in 2006. While still a member of the Reform community, I always felt my knowledge of Judaism a bit shallow. I was fortunate enough to know Rabbi Fettmann at a time when I was curious to find out more about Judaism. Rabbi Fettmann has helped me to progressively narrow my gap in Jewish learning.


I started my Jewish learning journey with Rabbi Fettmann by joining his weekly Torah classes.

I found that behind the serious demeanour, was a warm, kind, humble and industrious person. Rabbi Fettmann relates well with people of all ages, from the young to the elderly.



I felt I could trust him when we first met. He makes no judgement and is never surprised by outlandish things we might occasionally say in class. And that’s the spirit of learning that Rabbi imbues in us, a class made of people from multicultural backgrounds, from all walks of life brought together in a common space by a shared hunger for Jewish guidance on spiritual learning.



Call it G-d’s will or serendipity but every lesson for me has been relatable and applicable to my life. In this fast-paced time and age hit by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, Rabbi’s Torah classes have been a source of empowerment and inspiration. Rabbi always encourage one to question and he always answer sincerely and thoughtfully. My mind frazzled after a week of work and travel eases during Sabbath. This has been the case ever since Rabbi explained the deeper meaning to the practice of true rest.

- Kym

In June 2018 I was introduced to Hebrew lessons with Rabbi Fettmann with a group of believers and gradually progress to attend Rabbi’s teaching on Torah lessons every Saturday after a couple of months.

Rabbi Fettmann impressed me as a man who is open and share openly on Judaism with us. To me learning about Judaism and Torah has given me a deeper understanding of the bible and helped me see the many deception of the Christian teaching which I was exposed to for more than 40 years.

Rabbi Fettmann’s lesson can be quite deep at first listening, however, every lesson is followed with notes which I find useful in trying to recall and get more insights. To me, its been a journey of discovering and searching in terms of my spiritually growth. Its given me more self-consciousness in terms of understanding our existence is a gift and that every day to be able to live and breath is also a gift.

In conclusion, every lesson that Rabbi delivers, is a reminder that our choices in life will determine how we live and to always remember that our human tendency has always geared us towards the evil inclination in us, but we need to take charge of it and control those choices for what He has made us to be.

Thank you Rabbi as we move on to this journey

- Judy

I first met Rabbi Fettmann when I was introduced to him by a mutual friend who is a member of Chesed-El Synagogue. My interest in meeting with Rabbi was to learn Hebrew and the Torah.
Following our meeting I attended Hebrew class weekly as well as the weekly Torah class. I have benefited much both in terms of understanding the Torah from a Jewish perspective and the application of the Torah in my personal life.

The care and concern that Rabbi has for his students is a fine example for me to emulate.

Rabbi has helped mature and grow spiritually.

Todah rabah Rabbi

- Paul

Rabbi Fettmann welcomes non Jews and his willingness in spending time with us weekly with the Torah studies and ethics of the Fathers has helped me understand what is the missing connection in the bible. His teaching style is typically Jewish which allows us to voice our opinions thru the studies.

Spiritually I have a deeper understanding of the Torah and its mitzvot.

Mentally is a sound teaching of what was taught and its application in life and treating others.

The importance of human life is shown through the concept of Pikuach Nefesh means saving a human life. One of the most important obligations of the mitzvot, even if this means breaking of the laws set out in the Torah.

- Devorah

Rabbi Asher Fettmann is attached to Chesed- El Synagogue in Singapore.

I was introduced to him in July 2018 through a friend who attends the weekly Torah lessons.


My impression of Rabbi Asher Fettmann on my first encounter, he was approachable, humble and a willingness to embrace a Bnei Noahide to teach and share the Torah portion of the week. Helpful without hesitation to enlighten my doubts and enquiries on Torah


My life journey through the Torah lessons have opened spiritual eyes to discover deep insights and profound nuggets of wisdom for acquiring the Master of Universe Creator's will and fulfill His commandments. Torah is the blue print from HaShem and a tool for holy living. Reaping the benefits of good physical health even as  the soul prospers.


Rabbi Asher Fettmann goes an extra mile to teach me basic Kabbalah principles.Kabbalah requires deep reflections and a good teacher. Right perspective to safeguard against false deception shrouded in mysticism of the worldly concept. The teachings of Kabbalah progress to comprehend my relationship pertaining to family, children and at my work environment (esp handling politics of colleagues). I am better equipped to recover from any setbacks even though life's journey is not smooth going. To develop a positive outlook mind to be an overcomer. A choice to embrace that gives me the victory.Forgiving  people who hurt and harm me. The consequence of positive good choice delivers me from focusing on negative values. Every action brings a reaction.


Indeed I have grown spiritually and mentally endeavoring to apply the wisdom of Torah to my life daily. Walking the Torah in action inspired by weekly Parashat lessons. (Not gaining head knowledge only) 


The key point that I have gained from Rabbi Asher Fettmann is inner transformation of my soul for divine spark (Ori) to be elevated to bring Tikkun Olam.

- Hannah 

A dedicated, passionate and enthusiastic Torah teacher”, that is Rabbi Asher Fettmann.

He has helped me a lot in my Noahide journey since 2017. That was a challenging year for me back then as it was my first year living out of my homeland. As a foreigner in another country, it was difficult to adjust in a new place especially in finding a community with the same spiritual objective. B” H as I was given the opportunity to meet Rabbi Fettmann and the BNC Singapore.


Rabbi was very accommodating. He spends a lot of his time providing weekly Torah lessons to us and responding to all our life queries. With all those lectures he shared to us, I learnt that our primary goal in life is to live in accordance with the will of HaShem and work on our spiritual growth. HaShem has given the whole nations the 7 universal laws and 613 commandments (for Jews) to fulfill our role in this world. Indeed, we are not perfect human beings but we have to strive to become better. To learn Torah only is not enough, we must apply it in our daily lives. Thank you Rabbi for being part of my spiritual journey.


May HaShem bless you more and help you continue helping those people seeking Torah.

- Jennifer
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